CaterSave Solutions

We manufacture the new Air-Controlled Automatic Cutlery Polisher. * Integrated System which allows the Dish-washing Operator to place the tray of washed cutlery directly from the dishwasher into the Cutlery Polisher. He switches it on and returns to his wash-up duties. * Eliminates requirement for polishing staff. * Silent:No loud noise from rattling cutlery. * Eliminates risk of damage to cutlery as it is polished internally and does not exit as happens with vibratory polishers, dropping down into a basket. * Washing & Polishing of Cutlery is now a Seamless Operation !! ***Now seeking Distributors in All Regions***
Business Type : Manufacturer
Brands :CaterMaid
Products :Kitchen Appliances ,Restaurants,Tableware
Address : 4 West Road,Dublin
Country :Ireland
Telephone : +353 1865 1950
Fax :N/A
Mobile : N/A
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