Al blessed foodstuff trading LLC

AL BLESSED FOODSTUFF TRADING LLC is an upcoming introducer in the market in the name of Indian Halal Boneless Buffalo Meat & Frozen Products. We are assuming in future to be one of the leading importers of same commodity in UAE with our strict quality supervision in India. Our Strategy is to introduce different cuts in the market as per the different countries' requirements in UAE through the channel of wholesale & Retail market in future. We are the importers & local distributors of finest quality chilled, fresh & frozen bovine meat products. Our constant effort to improve our services has given us the best partnership satisfaction with our customers. The long-trusted relationship with our suppliers helps to maintain prompt and regular supplies at favourable terms. The distribution and purchase activities are closely coordinated to meet the changing needs of our customers and to maintain the optimum stock level for each season ensuring price advantage for the end customer. The integrated operations are controlled and supported by highly professional staff and systems enabling the Company to achieve an excellent performance year after year.
Business Type : Importer
Brands :Al-blessed
Products :Meat & Poultry,Frozen Food,Food Ingredients
Address : 44th Aspin commercial tower, sheikh zayed road,Dubai
Country :United Arab Emirates
Telephone : +9710556950979
Fax :N/A
Mobile : 0556950979
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