JIFFY is the farm complex near Kyiv for growing gastronomic snails in conditions close to the natural. The planned yield in 2019 is 50 tons. The company's product line: . Live snail Helix aspersa Müller (petit gris) and Helix aspersa Maxima (gros gris) . Snail caviar Competently well-established processes of the full cycle of breeding and logistics in one same territory are helping minimize stress on the mollusc and make the product fleshy and tasty. JIFFY snail - dainty moment.
Business Type : Manufacturer
Brands :
Products :Health Food,Meat & Poultry,Animal food / healthcare
Address : ,Kiev
Country :Ukraine
Telephone : +380674745025
Fax :N/A
Mobile : N/A
Website : jiffy.farm

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