Jhanil Healthcare Private Limited

Jhanil Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in the year 2012. Through our vertically integrated business, we specialize in the R&D, cultivation, formulation of natural sweetener stevia for distribution in the global food and beverage industry and after doing a lot of R & D we have finally achieved a quality planting material having high TSG and Reb A. We have also conducted stevia farming environmental studies in various states of India. And now we are moving forward for commercial stevia cultivation in different states of India with our channel partners. Today Jhanil Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is a leading producer of stevia in India and rapidly moving towards establishing one of the world's largest Extraction Unit of Stevia by 2020. Stevia is a natural sweetener with zero calories and beneficial for diabetics, hypertensive and obese patients. It has all the properties to be used as a natural sweetener in various foods and beverages.
Business Type : Manufacturer
Brands :Zindagi
Products :Health Food,Animal food / healthcare,Food Supplements
Address : 148028,Sunam
Country :India
Telephone : 09216116455
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Mobile : 09216116455
Website : https://www.zindagi.co.in

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