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Hello sir, Colina Seeds India has always been keen on customer service and innovation. Our products have always added value to our customer's everyday life. We always strive to give our customers the best products with highest quality. We are grateful to our loyal customers who have always motivated us to do better each day. We are really excited to announce product groundnuts, sunflower beans, white and black sesame seeds, all type of rice, all type of mung, all type of urad, all type of garbanzo, all type of masoor dal, all type of pigeon pea, all type of chick pea, all type of black-eyed pea, white kidney beans, soya beans, lima beans (canned), brown lentils, all type of matar and all mix beans. We hope you will appreciate and accept this product as enthusiastically as you always supported for rest of our products. Please visit our website to know more and avail exciting.
Business Type : Exporter
Brands :Colina
Products :Food Supplements,Bean Products,Food Additives
Address : Kamrej-surat,Surat
Country :India
Telephone : +91 9925778009
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Mobile : +91 8000003988
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