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The UAE Ministry of Economy has approved a new strategy to monitor basic food prices.

The UAE's Ministry of Economy has adopted a new policy to keep fundamental consumer products including eggs, bread, flour, and salt under control.   Authorities claimed that they were...Read more

Posted on : 5/4/2022

IRENA and the UAE have launched a new project to develop clean energy alternatives.

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the UAE have announced a new programme to supply sustainable cooking energy and technologies to homes and communities around the world. ...Read more

Posted on : 3/30/2022

Dubai's Department of Economy and Tourism is rallying industry support to strengthen Dubai's position as a worldwide culinary hotspot.

Dubai's Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) hosted an industry briefing with restaurateurs and key food and beverage stakeholders as part of ongoing efforts to elevate Dubai's position a...Read more

Posted on : 3/2/2022

Abu Dhabi will gain a new wholesale food market in order to support local agriculture and national food security.

 <p>A new wholesale food market will open shortly in Abu Dhabi, boosting local agriculture and promoting national food security.</p>   <p>The regional food and ...Read more

Posted on : 2/11/2022

UAE's nutritional information on pre-packaged food

In order to increase competitiveness in global markets, the UAE has altered plans to force manufacturers to offer a color-coded system of nutritional data on all pre-packaged food goods. &n...Read more

Posted on : 1/4/2022

Global Food Industries introduces the region's first salicornia-based burger line.

The new Al Areesh product line from Global Food Industries (GFI) offers a healthier choice for burger fans, since it contains salicornia, quinoa, and kale among its core superfood ingredient...Read more

Posted on : 12/1/2021

Food and groceries may soon be delivered by drones in the UAE.

Drones are changing the game when it comes to speedy and effective delivery of goods and services, whether it's a drone delivery system that delivers parcels in less than an hour, or which d...Read more

Posted on : 12/1/2021

Food to be delivered to passengers at the Dubai International Airport's terminals.

Dubai Airports has launched a new food, beverage, and retail ordering service that allows travellers to place orders for their favourite dishes from the airport's restaurants and have them d...Read more

Posted on : 10/28/2021

1500 new restaurants sprouted in UAE in just 9 months

According to a top official with the Dubai Municipality, 1,536 new food enterprises debuted in Dubai from January to September this year.   The new restaurants that are sprouting in D...Read more

Posted on : 10/28/2021

Drones and hydroponics to improve food security in the UAE

In order to help the country and the region attain food security, the Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park (SRTI Park) has been developing novel technologies like hydroponics and ...Read more

Posted on : 9/24/2021

Robots prepare dishes and serve tables in a cafe in Dubai

These robots, which are made in Germany, take orders, cook meals, and deliver it to the tables of the clients.   Dubai's RoboCafe has brought in AI-augmented robots to serve as barist...Read more

Posted on : 9/24/2021

Agthia, an Abu Dhabi-based food and beverage company, has acquired the BMB Group of Dubai.

Agthia, an Abu Dhabi-based food and beverage firm, has acquired BMB Group, a snack manufacturer. This is Agthia's second purchase in the healthy foods area as it strives to extend its range....Read more

Posted on : 9/2/2021

Abu Dhabi will be home to the UAE's first sustainable food manufacturing centre.

The new ‘aptech' park wants to establish the UAE as a hub for supplying high-growth markets across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).   The UAE's first fresh produce AgTec...Read more

Posted on : 9/1/2021

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