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The First Vertical Farm in the UAE Is Launched in Dubai Using iFarm Technologies

Abu Dhabi: iFarm, an upward cultivating innovations supplier, reported the send-off of the principal vertical homestead in the UAE to utilize iFarm advances. Situated in Dubai, the homestead...Read more

Posted on : 10/23/2023

Sustainable Agriculture Essential for Boosting Local Food Production, Ensuring Nutrition in UAE

The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) has reaffirmed its commitment to advancing the ideas of rural and food manageability and building the limit of the agrarian area,...Read more

Posted on : 10/23/2023

Examining Dubai's Agri-Tech Prospects from Sand to Dinner Using the "4N" Framework

<div>Dubai is arising as an optimal proving ground for supportable and environment tough tech progressions in the basic agrarian area. Dubai's rise as a centre point for Agri-tech deve...Read more

Posted on : 10/10/2023

New Dairy Factory Opened By Nutridor in Dubai

</div>Nutridor, a leading food and drink (F&B) organization under TGI Gathering, has sent off its most memorable cutting edge dairy creation office in Dubai at an expense of AED 75...Read more

Posted on : 10/10/2023

The Doors of "SOUL KITCHEN" in Dubai Are Now Open

<p>Dubai's feasting scene just invited an electrifying new expansion with the launch of "Soul Kitchen" in the core of Business Narrows. This new scene is a desert spring of e...Read more

Posted on : 9/13/2023

Dubai Vertical Farming Project for Protein Crops to Be Launched by Veganz Group AG and VeGreat LLC

A couple of months prior, the Berlin-based Veganz Gathering AG obtained the permitting freedoms for the upward cultivating stage innovations OrbiPlan and OrbiLoop from the exploration associ...Read more

Posted on : 9/13/2023

Dubai Begins Importing Rice from Taiwan

Taiwan will attempt to repeat the send-off of rice trades by a Ranchers' Relationship in Yunlin Province to Dubai in the Unified Bedouin Emirates to help different regions, the Chamber of Ho...Read more

Posted on : 8/10/2023

ADQ and Safe Haven Announce a High-Tech Greenhouse Initiative to Improve Food Security in the UAE

ADQ and Safe Haven Solutions have begun work on a high-tech greenhouse project at ADQ's cutting-edge AgTech Park in KEZAD. The automated 10-hectare complex will use innovative agriculture ...Read more

Posted on : 8/10/2023

The Beverage And Snacking Sectors In The UAE Performed "Remarkably," Despite Inflationary Challenges

The UAE Food and Drinks Business Gathering and Nielsen level of intelligence experiences point by point their progress in its new UAE Food and Refreshment Yearly Report.   "The d...Read more

Posted on : 7/7/2023

RAKEZ Enters An Agreement With The ICFA To Promote Commerce And Innovation In The Food And Agricultural Industries

Ras Al Khaimah: Ras Al Khaimah Monetary Zone (RAKEZ) and the Indian Office of Food and Farming (ICFA) marked a Reminder of Figuring out (MoU) pointed toward cultivating shared development an...Read more

Posted on : 7/7/2023

Launch of the Food Tech Valley in Dubai by Sheikh Mohammed

Dubai has sent off a significant new food innovation centre set to go about as a "worldwide objective" for venturesome organizations and a vital driver of the emirate's economy. &...Read more

Posted on : 5/24/2023

Food Tech Valley Project Have Triple The Food Production in Dubai

<p>The visit planned to examine joint effort to help the Food Tech Valley project. This was sent off by Sheik Mohammed container Rashid Al Maktoum, VP, State leader and Leader of Dubai...Read more

Posted on : 5/23/2023

Plant-Based Food in the UAE Seems As Though It's Going To Get Cheaper

<br> Tune in up veggie lovers, vegetarians and plant-based inquisitive eaters. Your plant-based food in the UAE is going to get less expensive.<br> <br>...Read more

Posted on : 4/28/2023

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