Sustainable Agriculture Essential for Boosting Local Food Production, Ensuring Nutrition in UAE

The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA) has reaffirmed its commitment to advancing the ideas of rural and food manageability and building the limit of the agrarian area, both plant and creature, as well as food makers and merchants on best farming and food rehearses that guarantee the supportability of our normal assets.

On the event of World Food Day, which is praised consistently on October 16, and the current year's subject is 'Water is Life, Water is Food, Abandon Nobody,' ADAFSA expressed that it is executing various drives to help maintainable farming turn of events and the utilization of present day horticultural innovation. This is accomplished by empowering ranchers to take on the most recent advancements and horticultural practices that can decrease water utilization while working on the quality and effectiveness of efficiency. This is especially underscored in nursery agribusiness, fully intent on accomplishing worldwide authority in food security, expanding nearby creation of the two yields and animals, and guaranteeing that all occupants approach protected, nutritious, and adequate food consistently.
With the help and direction of His Majesty Sheik Mansour canister Zayed Al Nahyan, VP of the UAE, Delegate Top state leader, Administrator of the Official Court, and Director of ADAFSA, is attempting to foster a coordinated food security framework in accordance with the Public Food Security Methodology 2051. The system expects to situate the UAE as a main worldwide centre for food security development.
Posted On : 23/10/2023