Foodubai Partners With DagangHalal in FMCG Media Relationship

The world’s leading Halal online market and global directory of food, hospitality and agriculture in Dubai collaborates.

Kuala Lumpur, 3 Oct 2022: Foodubai and DagangAsia Network Holding Sdn Bhd has now collaborated in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector for Media Relationship.
DagangHalal is known for becoming the world’s leading Halal-certified online marketplace for worldwide customers to provide quality Halal goods and suppliers. On top of that, the institution is well-known to have over 4,300 active suppliers from 85 different countries globally. DagangHalal is also known for having 13,000 registered B2B buyers, with a solution for obtaining merchants and exporters in target markets. Furthermore, DagangHalal also focuses on FCL (full container load), LCL (less container load), and mixed container business matching. Due to their influence, Foodubai took this opportunity to collaborate with DagangHalal, knowing their credentials.
On the other hand, Foodubai is noted as a global directory of food, hospitality, and agriculture in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Foodubai is providing an opportunity for Food importers and traders to increase their profile in Gulf/African market and make a name for themselves with this aid.
Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) are inexpensive items, which quickly depleted due to the strong demand from consumers globally. In addition, FMCG is also famous as a consumer-packaged product (CPG). Non-durable domestic goods consist of drinks, toiletries such as toothpaste, shower gels, and hair products. Other products include packaged foods like instant noodles and canned goods, over-the-counter medications, and candy. Additionally, dry goods like spices and onions, and other commodities are examples of fast-moving consumer goods. Fast-moving consumer goods have an excessive inventory turnover, contra to specialist items, which have fewer sales and higher carrying costs.
FMCGs are sold in hypermarkets, big box stores, and warehouse club stores. Small convenience stores frequently carry fast-moving goods while stocking their limited shelf space with more common items. DagangHalal is the biggest online marketplace worldwide with Halal certification, allowing buyers to find trustworthy Halal manufacturers and merchants. Hence, a wide range of consumed consumer goods is offered by DagangHalal, including halal instant noodles, halal infant foods, beverages, and halal condiments. In addition, Foodubai provides a wide range of goods and services, including alcohol, baby food, tea, coffee, animal food, animal healthcare, and many more.
The most important business sectors in Dubai are wholesale and retail. This issue results from the increasing number of foreign tourists who visit the emirates each year. In addition, approximately 80% of the goods provided by businesses in Dubai are owned by the FMCG industry. The widespread use of the cosmetics suggested by the retail outlets aids in Dubai’s luxury market’s creation. Additionally, this is another feature of Dubai’s FMCG industry. Therefore, this sector allows a few items showcased if any corporation wishes to start a business. Foreign investors were also permitted to establish their profession in Dubai’s FMCG sector.
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In the United Arab Emirates, a few well-known FMCG-focused businesses exist. Additionally, In Dubai, Nestle Middle East comes in first. Second on the list are Chef Middle East, B&S World Supply, and numerous others. Dubaifood has chosen to work with DagangHalal to increase its market since DagangHalal has established itself as the largest Halal-certified online marketplace for international buyers.
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By 2025, it is expected that the worldwide halal market will generate at least $9.71 trillion in revenue, continuing its rapid growth. Malaysia is preceded to perform better than other nations and become the industry leader in later decades. As the world continues to improve, the same goes for the halal sector as it continues to increase and become competitive. Organizations are entering the halal market as they look for every opportunity to profit from the halal industry. For Muslim people, improvement of all kinds has developed, as well as assembling solutions.
*Source Ethis Ventures, 2022
Innovation is the main area that needs to be a leading concern if companies wish to keep up with the growing halal market. Technology needs to be given attention to in the path of enhancing innovation, which later will extend and modernize the Halal industry even more. To some extent, this action can aid the corporation in continuing its global expansion by using DagangHalal as a company to assist other businesses in making pitches to their respective buyers. Foodubai decided to work with DagangHalal after realizing the budding potential of the company and its skills.
*Source Ethis Ventures, 2022
The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) visited the UAE for their business purposes in 2017, Emirates Standards and Metrology Authority (ESMA) conducted an appointment with JAKIM to discuss the Emirati system to tackle Halal goods. The Malaysian group will also be made aware of the regulations and oversight procedures governing the production, packaging, and storage of halal products in various industrial locations throughout the UAE to have the national halal system recognized.
* Source, Halal International Authority, 2017
By bringing the requirements and processes for awarding the label to the appropriate international organizations for adoption at the international level and making them the basis for international trade, Malaysia’s recognition of the national system of the halal industry will be considered by the UAE regionally and globally. We anticipate that this will contribute to easing trade between the state and the rest of the world. The recognition agreement will open new opportunities for UAE goods bearing the “halal” brand to sell in places where they were unable to previously, favoring both manufacturers and traders.
* Source, Halal International Authority, 2017
DagangHalal is recognized by Halal Governing bodies such as the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC), the Majlis Agama Islam Negeri (MAIN), Jabatan Agama Islam Negeri (JAIN), and many others.
After 10 years of expanding its business, DagangHalal has become the largest Halal-certified goods and services B2B e- marketplace. has been operating since 2008. The corporation is one of the world’s major e-Marketplace with more than 4,300 suppliers and 13,000 enlisted customers from 85 nations including all goods permitted, as well as other types of services that have been certified and verified by global Halal Certification Bodies. By associating with suppliers with founded retail systems and corporate financial records all around the world, businesses are aided by pitching to find their possible purchasers. Tap into DagangHalal today to jumpstart your journey into the USD 3.27 trillion* international Halal industry.
*Source: Fortune Business Insights, 2020
About Foodubai
Foodubai is noted as a global directory of food, hospitality, and agriculture in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Foodubai is providing an opportunity for Food importers and traders to increase their profile in Guf/African market by displaying at the region’s leading trade events.
Posted On : 12/10/2022