UAE's nutritional information on pre-packaged food

In order to increase competitiveness in global markets, the UAE has altered plans to force manufacturers to offer a color-coded system of nutritional data on all pre-packaged food goods.

The requirement for nutritional labelling has been changed from mandatory to voluntary by the UAE Cabinet.
Manufacturers were expected to give nutritional data on all pre-packaged food goods under the original regulation, which was set to become mandatory in early January.
To improve the competitiveness of UAE products in regional and worldwide markets, the decision to alter the required requirement will "reduce logistical hurdles and financial burdens on manufacturers and suppliers."
Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, Omar Suwaina Al-Suwaidi, said the ministry intends to stimulate the UAE's industrial sector, particularly the food and beverage industry, which is critical to the UAE's food security ecosystem.
He added that the transition to optional adoption will save the sector an estimated AED1.4 billion by reducing the need to modify current labels in use or storage - expenses that, he claimed, would ultimately be borne by the consumer.
"This move is in line with the national strategy for industry and advanced technology, which aims to create a suitable and attractive business environment for local and international investors in the industrial sector, support the growth of national industries, and boost their regional and global competitiveness," he said. Manufacturers now have the option of using nutritional data criteria for items packaged in traffic light colours, according to the ministry."
He went on to say that this would increase the flow of food items, reduce technological barriers to trade, and lower consumer food costs.
Posted On : 04/1/2022