Global Food Industries introduces the region's first salicornia-based burger line.

The new Al Areesh product line from Global Food Industries (GFI) offers a healthier choice for burger fans, since it contains salicornia, quinoa, and kale among its core superfood ingredients. Salicornia is a multipurpose crop developed by local farmers in the UAE that thrives in a saline environment and is a wonderful alternative to table salt. Its use in the production of burger patties lowered salt content by 40% while maintaining flavour. Salicornia is also renowned for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-bacterial qualities.

"This new burger variety is a consequence of the devotion of our R&D team who worked diligently in coming up with a product that caters to the current need for a better and more sustainable lifestyle," said Ahmed Bayoumi, CEO GFI and International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (IBFI). Salicornia is an unique crop grown by UAE farmers and derived from sustainable sources."
"I'd also like to applaud ICBA's efforts to provide innovation-driven solutions to the UAE. Our collaboration with them demonstrates our dedication to providing consumers with innovative products that are consistent with our brand culture."
"We are really proud to present the salicornia burgers in conjunction with GFI with the goal of strengthening local UAE agriculture and nurture farming innovation." The UAE has 90% saline groundwater, making it excellent for growing salicornia. Salicornia is perfectly safe for human consumption, which is why we're working to raise consumer awareness of the nutritional benefits of salicornia-based foods. The launch of the novel burger, we believe, has the potential to change the UAE's booming home-grown crops sector." Halophyte Agronomist, Directorate of Programs, ICBA, Dr Dionysia Angeliki Lyra stated.
The new burgers are more nutritious than typical chicken burgers, with 25% more protein, four times more calcium, 12 times less fat, and 90% fewer calories than standard chicken burgers. The burgers will be available in two flavours: standard and spicy.
Posted On : 01/12/2021