Food and groceries may soon be delivered by drones in the UAE.

Drones are changing the game when it comes to speedy and effective delivery of goods and services, whether it's a drone delivery system that delivers parcels in less than an hour, or which delivers fresh pizzas, or which delivers groceries.

The prospect of a dozen Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) flying above their heads with delivery packages and swooping down on their doorsteps to deliver make-up or medicines is not far off for UAE citizens.
The Dubai Programme to Enable Drone Transportation, according to companies and industry experts, will boost the drone sector and its commercial application for delivery of products and services in the country.
Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, announced a project to investigate the use of drones in a variety of fields, including food and other industries.
The goal of the programme is to make Dubai one of the world's smartest cities by reducing carbon emissions caused by traditional shipping and transportation techniques.
In Dubai Silicon Oasis, a special pilot area will be set aside for innovators and related entities from the UAE and beyond to develop and test novel drone solutions and turn them into useful services that improve people's lives and help the country achieve its goals.
Burak Ertuna, CIO of DHL Global Forwarding MEA quoted "While we are testing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in some locations to supplement delivery with point-to-point and automated operations, we are still a long way from totally eliminating ground-based transportation." The Dubai Program to Enable Drone Transportation, which was just created, would undoubtedly boost the sector."
UAVs are a safer, he added, more cost-effective, and faster option for niche requirements that are dangerous or unavailable to people, such as enabling remote inspection of warehouses, outdoor assets, and infrastructure, such as rail networks and pipelines.
Property surveillance, inspection, and inventory, he claims, will continue to be the most popular use cases for UAVs in the foreseeable future.
Many companies in the UAE, both commercial and public, are leading the way in deploying drones to offer services more efficiently and quickly.
Posted On : 01/12/2021