1500 new restaurants sprouted in UAE in just 9 months

According to a top official with the Dubai Municipality, 1,536 new food enterprises debuted in Dubai from January to September this year.

The new restaurants that are sprouting in Dubai are an indication of the city's solid economic resurgence. Acting director of the food safety department and head of the food inspection section of the food control department, Sultan Ali Taher
"The launch of 1,536 new food businesses in nine months, from January to the end of September 2021, is an indication of good post-pandemic recovery." When you divide that by the number of new establishments that have opened each day, you get 5.5 new outlets every day," Al Taher said.
According to Al Taher, Dubai now has a total of 20,412 food enterprises.
"The number of new outlets that have opened includes catering facilities, grocers, small kiosks, motels, cloud cooking facilities, fish, vegetable, and poultry outlets, and so on," he stated.
According to the official, post-pandemic, new investors in the food business have a high level of trust.
"When you look at the amount of Covid-19 cases, the rate of economic recovery, and new investor confidence, it's really strong," he said.
According to experts, the UAE is one of the best-positioned countries in the world to lead the pandemic recovery.
Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairman of Dubai's Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management, tweeted that the UAE has entered a new phase in its recovery from the pandemic.
Posted On : 28/10/2021