Robots prepare dishes and serve tables in a cafe in Dubai

These robots, which are made in Germany, take orders, cook meals, and deliver it to the tables of the clients.

Dubai's RoboCafe has brought in AI-augmented robots to serve as baristas to reduce human contact in the post-Covid-19 age. Customers place their orders on a screen, and the 1.25-meter-tall robots handle the rest. They organise the orders by table and load them onto a little service bot, which then transports them to the consumers. Human intervention is only necessary when a technical issue arises or to sanitise regularly used surfaces. Under the Dubai government's AI project, these completely automated delivery bots are designed and manufactured in the UAE.
This project has the potential to reduce human interaction and assist people with social distancing, both of which are important measures urged by health professionals around the world. Work efficiency will also improve because the robots will be able to serve more consumers without spills or delays. RoboCafe says that its robots can improve the dining experience for customers, particularly in the wake of the Covid-19 issue.
Posted On : 24/9/2021