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An Initiative Taken Via Dubai Municipality's To Improvement Food Safety

<p>To provide a better perspective on the enormity and ensuring the food safety in Dubai, it’s useful to have some context on the complexity of the task and the important role Du...Read more

Posted on : 7/9/2019

Dubai World Trade Centre New Immersive 3D Dining Experience

<p style="text-align: justify;">Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) has announced the launch of a new immersive 3D dining experience – LMNTS – at the World Trade Club...Read more

Posted on : 6/1/2019

UAE cultivating agricultural upgrade

Although small and seasonally dependent, UAE’s farming community sowing the seeds for agricultural sector growth. The market relies on imports for up to 85 per cent of its food re...Read more

Posted on : 4/26/2019

UAE to resort to upgraded farming

Climate change demands embracing modern farming practices to diversify food sources and achieve sustainable development in the agricultural sector. By being cost-efficient and yielding more ...Read more

Posted on : 4/26/2019

Technology to boost UAE's agriculture sector

UAE’s agriculture sector has undergone various changes. The major challenge that is faced is to conduct agriculture with minimum water. Modern irrigation systems and hydroponics are be...Read more

Posted on : 4/3/2019

Dubai scientists Breed Salt-Loving Crops

Dubai scientists have been developing crops like quinoa that can thrive in the salty soils intruding into the world’s croplands but winning over enough people to eat them is proving a ...Read more

Posted on : 4/3/2019

History & Rise of F&B Industry in Dubai

The factors for Dubai becoming a dazzling dining destination are its people, places, flavors and trends. This is something that has taken other places decades, Dubai achieved in record speed...Read more

Posted on : 3/5/2019

Frozen and Ready-to-Eat Food is an Exponentially rising segment in UAE

UAE Frozen Food Market will witness growth at a very high CAGR by 2024, owing to the increasing demand of ready-to-eat convenience foods among the working population which prefers ready to e...Read more

Posted on : 3/5/2019

Food Staples Exports in Dubai Market to Grow

Dubai plays a pivotal role in the distribution of over 70 per cent of the UAE food imports, which are then re-exported to over 160 countries. Many different food staples are exported to diff...Read more

Posted on : 3/5/2019

Abu Dhabi Fund for Development Allocates Dh3.2 Billion to Support Agricultural Sector

Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD), the leading national entity for development aid, has allocated nearly Dh3.2 billion ($871.18 million) towards development projects in the agricultural ...Read more

Posted on : 10/17/2018

UAE's Pure Harvest Gets $1.5 Million Fund

The Mohammed bin Rashid Innovation Fund (MBRIF), operated by the Emirates Development Bank, has announced a disbursement of AED5.5 million ($1.5 million) to UAE-based Pure Harvest. State ...Read more

Posted on : 10/16/2018

Britain's most loved M & S café open its new branch Dubai.

The opening of the new M& S café and stand alone food store had all the British food fans jump in excitement in Dubai. This is the second for the Mark & Spencer team, located ...Read more

Posted on : 7/25/2018

Al Islami foods plans expand halal exports

UAE-based Al Islami Foods has sold a minor stake to Japan's Mitsubishi Corp as they plan internal growth and global expansion.   Al Islami, which is a member of the Dubai Cooperative ...Read more

Posted on : 7/11/2018

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