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Emaar Announced The Grand Opening Of Emaar Cafe In Partnership With Dubai Land Department

Emaar, the global real estate developer of premium properties headquartered in Dubai, introduced the grand opening of Emaar Cafe, located in the Fashion Avenue of The Dubai Mall.  &nbs...Read more

Posted on : 11/1/2019

Dubai Welcomes The New Record-Setting Vegan Restaurant Called Veganity

The newest vegan restaurant in the city, Veganity, claims to be the biggest in the world serving more than 200 plant-based dishes.   Veganity gained a name for itself in Dubai in 2017...Read more

Posted on : 11/1/2019

The Market For Healthy Food Products In The UAE Is Growing At A Rapid Pace

The recent announcement by the UAE Government on introduction of colour-coded nutritional labelling on Food items marks a significant development in the UAE's F&B sector.   It is ...Read more

Posted on : 10/21/2019

Russia Is Looking Towards Enhancing Its Agricultural Exports To The UAE

 Over the past few years, Russia has made several steps towards strengthening its business presence in the UAE in agricultural sector and others with the opening of a Trade Representati...Read more

Posted on : 10/21/2019

Uber Eats Delivery To Be More Affordable In Dubai

Uber Eats is experimenting with a new delivery fee structure that sees its flat AED5 fee raised by up to 140 percent to AED12 for select customers in Dubai, depending how far a user is from ...Read more

Posted on : 9/10/2019

Fawaz Abdulaziz Alhokair inks $90m deal for new F&B franchises

Fashion retailer Fawaz Abdulaziz Alhokair & Co to acquire Saudi franchise rights for 10 international food and beverage brands.   Fashion franchise retailer Fawaz Abdulaziz Alhoka...Read more

Posted on : 8/31/2019

UAE's first astronaut to travel to the International Space Station next month, will host a traditional Emirati food night

Hazzaa AlMansoori, the UAE's first astronaut to travel to the International Space Station next month, will host a traditional Emirati food night. The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBR...Read more

Posted on : 8/12/2019

KFC Brand Is Eyeing Growth Opportunities In Middle East With Up To 70 New Stores

The famous Colonel Sanders brand is eyeing growth opportunities in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait and UAE. Fast food giant Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is looking to open up to 70 new outlets ...Read more

Posted on : 8/12/2019

An Initiative Taken Via Dubai Municipality's To Improvement Food Safety

<p>To provide a better perspective on the enormity and ensuring the food safety in Dubai, it’s useful to have some context on the complexity of the task and the important role Du...Read more

Posted on : 7/9/2019

Dubai World Trade Centre New Immersive 3D Dining Experience

<p style="text-align: justify;">Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) has announced the launch of a new immersive 3D dining experience – LMNTS – at the World Trade Club...Read more

Posted on : 6/1/2019

UAE cultivating agricultural upgrade

Although small and seasonally dependent, UAE’s farming community sowing the seeds for agricultural sector growth. The market relies on imports for up to 85 per cent of its food re...Read more

Posted on : 4/26/2019

UAE to resort to upgraded farming

Climate change demands embracing modern farming practices to diversify food sources and achieve sustainable development in the agricultural sector. By being cost-efficient and yielding more ...Read more

Posted on : 4/26/2019

Technology to boost UAE's agriculture sector

UAE’s agriculture sector has undergone various changes. The major challenge that is faced is to conduct agriculture with minimum water. Modern irrigation systems and hydroponics are be...Read more

Posted on : 4/3/2019

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