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World's First MasterChef Inspired Restaurant to Launch in Dubai

A new “MasterChef” themed restaurant is set to launch in Dubai later this year.  This has been touted as a “world-first” as this restaurant will be the very firs...Read more

Posted on : 2/11/2018

Dubai Municipality Reduces Food Spoilage by 73 Percent

 The Dubai Municipality successfully managed to reduce food spoilage in the Emirati nation by a massive 73 percent in 2017. “We have reduced food spoilage to 3,670 tons in 2017, ...Read more

Posted on : 1/25/2018

Dubai to Unveil World's First Floating Kitchen

Dubai will unveil the world’s very first “floating kitchen” later this month. This concept has been inspired by that of food trucks and will cater to jet skis, boats and ya...Read more

Posted on : 1/25/2018

Dukes Dubai Wins Prestigious Award from Slow Foods

Dukes Dubai has received the prestigious Snail of Approval awarded by Slow Foods Dubai, a renowned organization working under Green Emirates. Its goal is to assist UAE-based businesses with ...Read more

Posted on : 1/3/2018

Atlantis, the Palm Sets New Guinness Record

Atlantis The Palm in collaboration with AmStur, an American caviar company on New Year’s Eve to break a Guiness World Record for the largest caviar tin the world. The tin contained a ...Read more

Posted on : 1/3/2018

Top Rating for 2400+ Dubai Food Outlets

 More than 2,400 high-risk food businesses in Dubai got A+ rating in the evaluations  carried out in the course of nine months this current year, demonstrating growing awareness fo...Read more

Posted on : 12/6/2017

Innovative New Food Delivery Service Launched in Dubai

The region’s first airport delivery service has been launched by Deliveroo at Dubai International (DXB). The service is named DeliverooDXB and is a customer-centered endeavor that wil...Read more

Posted on : 12/5/2017

"Food Watch" Program Launched in Dubai

 All eateries in Dubai are under the process of being digitally profiled to ensure better food safety and to help diners make more informed eating decisions. The launch of this digital...Read more

Posted on : 12/4/2017


 THE MATCHMAKING GATEWAY TO THE BIG LEAGUE    Hospitality and catering are closely correlated with each individual’s live – fascinate us more than ever. No matte...Read more

Posted on : 11/8/2017

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Posted on : 10/12/2017

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Posted on : 10/12/2017

In A Bid To Improve Food Safety Dubai Looks Towards Technology

 For tracking poisoning outbreaks and establishing self-monitoring systems in food outlets Dubai Municipality look to new technology to improve food safety, officials said.   Dir...Read more

Posted on : 10/4/2017

Marks & Spencer Food Is Here

 It’s here. The first standalone Marks & Spencer Food store in the UAE has opened up at Dubai Marina. People been waiting months for this opening, and it’s finally happe...Read more

Posted on : 10/2/2017

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