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UAE's Pure Harvest Gets $1.5 Million Fund

The Mohammed bin Rashid Innovation Fund (MBRIF), operated by the Emirates Development Bank, has announced a disbursement of AED5.5 million ($1.5 million) to UAE-based Pure Harvest. State ...Read more

Posted on : 10/16/2018

Britain's most loved M & S café open its new branch Dubai.

The opening of the new M& S café and stand alone food store had all the British food fans jump in excitement in Dubai. This is the second for the Mark & Spencer team, located ...Read more

Posted on : 7/25/2018

Al Islami foods plans expand halal exports

UAE-based Al Islami Foods has sold a minor stake to Japan's Mitsubishi Corp as they plan internal growth and global expansion.   Al Islami, which is a member of the Dubai Cooperative ...Read more

Posted on : 7/11/2018

World's largest vertical farm soon in Dubai.

World’s largest airline catering operators Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC), along with Crop One Holdings, a San Francisco Bay Area are in process of building a substantial vertical far...Read more

Posted on : 7/6/2018

Happiness inspection being conducted by Dubai municipality

Dubai municipality carried out happiness inspections at about 900 outlets. This was done to make sure the food safety is being taken care of. Food outlets with low evaluation were not fined ...Read more

Posted on : 6/4/2018

Dubai Switching to Organic Foods with Organic Planet

Organic planet, Dubai, started retailing organic food in mid-2017. Organic food has been in demand lately for its beneficial nutrients. One of the major reasons why people are moving to orga...Read more

Posted on : 6/4/2018

Hospitality the Fastest Growing Sector in UAE

  The hospitality sector in the UAE has been declared one of the fastest growing industries in the region according to a study by LinkedIn spanning 15 years since 2003. The new data g...Read more

Posted on : 5/21/2018

Dubai Identifies as Leader in Re-Export of Tea Products

Jebel Ali Port, DP World’s flagship global trade enabler managed 158,000 tonnes of tea in 2017, which is equivalent to 50 billion tea bags. These immense numbers only re-affirm Dubai&...Read more

Posted on : 5/19/2018

Dubai Residents to be Able to Scan their Food by next year

Residents and locals of Dubai can look forward to seeing the full nutritional value of their food items through a new smart-phone application. The application will also have another exciting...Read more

Posted on : 5/1/2018

Mitsubishi Acquires Stake in Dubai's Al Islami Foods

 Japan’s Global giants, the Mitsubishi Corporation have announced that they have acquired a minority stake in Dubai’s Al Islami Foods. This represents a huge development but...Read more

Posted on : 5/1/2018

Heston Blumenthal Set to Debut Restaurant in Dubai

Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal has confirmed rumors that he is all set to open a restaurant in Dubai. The restaurant is set to open in 2019 and will be located at the Royal Atlantis.  ...Read more

Posted on : 4/3/2018

New App to Solve Dubai's Problem of Excess in Food Industry

A Dubai-based app developer has come up with a new app named “Keepeat” which will enable eateries in the city to give away their food products at the end of each business day at ...Read more

Posted on : 4/3/2018

SIAL China Responds to Fresh Food E-commerce Boom and New Retail Landscape

BEIJING, CHINA – Fresh food e-commerce is disrupting the retail landscape in China by making it easier for consumers to purchase fresh, healthy, and imported food products. According t...Read more

Posted on : 3/27/2018

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