The agri-firm Al Dahra BayWa opens new facility in Dubai

Al Dahra Baywa, a sustainable agriculture company, has built a new facility in Dubai to expand its operations and get closer to clients and suppliers.

Al Dahra Baywa is headquartered in Abu Dhabi and produces high-quality tomatoes for the entire UAE. This new facility will boost the company's logistic and distribution capabilities, allowing it to deliver goods faster across the country, particularly in Dubai and the northern emirates.
Al Dahra BayWa commits to using sustainable farming methods with a 100 percent irrigation recirculation process, with a water-efficient system with 80 percent less irrigation water compared to traditional open-field farming. These tomatoes meet European food quality standards, says the firm.
The new warehouse facility within Dubai's fresh market is in the optimum spot for us to coordinate the daily transit of our fresh crop to the local market in Dubai and the northern emirates in a few hours, according to Georg Czerny, general director of Al Dahra BayWa. We are excited to provide big shops with fresh, high-quality tomatoes in a timely manner.
“As component of our development plan, this step illustrates our preparedness to serve markets across the UAE. We reaffirm our resolve to grow our business over time and contribute significantly to the growth of the UAE's high-tech agricultural sector. We are prepared to fulfil rising market demand and provide UAE residents with more choice for fresh, high-quality, locally grown produce. We are delighted to support the country's efforts to boost local agricultural production by providing a consistent year-round supply of fresh, high-quality tomatoes.”
Posted On : 03/6/2021