Belhaif Al Nuaimi explores how to improve local development of poultry and fish

Minister of Climate Change and Environment, Dr. Abdullah Belhaif Al Nuaimi, visited  Ras Al Khaimah Poultry and Feeding Company (RAPCO), along with the Chairman, Sheik Mohammed bin Humaid Al Qasimi. 

They addressed the challenges facing the poultry and feed industries in the UAE with the aim of enhancing local food productions to boost food security and self-sufficiency in accordance with the nation's push.
Dr. Al Nuaimi said: "Strengthening the quality of home-grown food products so that they can compete with imported products is crucial to achieving food security – one of the government's strategic priorities. The Ministry of Climate Change and the Environment assesses the capabilities of local food producers and assists them in their growth through joint projects with relevant government agencies to address this problem.
Over eight million square metres, RAPCO's farms produce five million tonnes of poultry meat and by-products and 18 million table eggs per year. 
In the UAE, poultry holdings produced 47.271 tonnes of chicken meat, a billion table eggs and 49,5 million hatching eggs in 2018, according to Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Center (FCSC). 
The Minister was also in the Halila region of Ras Al-Khaimah visited a fish-drying plant and meeting with Dr Saif Mohammed Al-Ghais, General Director of the Environmental Protection and Development Authority in Ras Al-Khaimah.
Dr. Al Nuaimi has explored the latest technology for drying fish in a healthy and hygienic environment that ensures superior product quality. 
Generating 6,000 tonnes of dried fish and seafood each year for local consumption, the factory aims to improve cooperation with local fishermen in order to increase the availability of fish.
Posted On : 17/12/2020