Food Staples Exports in Dubai Market to Grow

Dubai plays a pivotal role in the distribution of over 70 per cent of the UAE food imports, which are then re-exported to over 160 countries. Many different food staples are exported to different countries from Dubai including cashew nuts, coffee, rice, sugar, pulses, meat, fish, vegetables, dates and figs.

The food market in India is expected to reach US$93 billion (AED3.4 trillion) by 2020. Furthermore, till few years back, India exported over US$29.95 billion (AED110 billion) in processed food.

With this, a new pilot initiative from Dubai Exports, the Buyer Protection Programme will boost food trade in Dubai. This programme was designed by the Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection (CCCP) to ensure that any potential disputes are resolved efficiently to the advancement of all parties involved.

This programme means that international disputes may be resolved quickly and at a fraction of the cost it would have previously. Companies can now contact the Dubai Exports office in their country. There, they can submit complaints and the office acts as an intermediary.

Once the evidence has been provided the CCCP will ensure the issue has an amicable solution, usually within ten working days. Many of the leading trade bodies in India are enthusiastic about the move.

Dubai is perfectly positioned to continue trading large amounts of foodstuffs.New initiatives in finance and across manufacturing ensure that the global trade of Dubai and its potential countries like India, will only grow in the coming years. Dubai’s prime location and access to air and sea ports with the best technology available make it an ideal place for re-exporting foodstuffs.

Posted On : 05/3/2019