Dubai Switching to Organic Foods with Organic Planet

Organic planet, Dubai, started retailing organic food in mid-2017. Organic food has been in demand lately for its beneficial nutrients. One of the major reasons why people are moving to organic food is lower consumption of chemicals and pesticides. 

Mubarak Kozhikkal, Founder of Organic Planet has been a pharmacist of 20 years and has served thousands of people in different capacities. He realized with his experience that large number of people fall ill because of their lifestyle and indulging in adulterated food in UAE. He says, people are aware of the causes but they don’t want to modify their food since it is unavailable in Dubai and it is difficult to import from India or any other countries.

According to Kozhikkal, it was difficult to source organic foods from India and other countries and hence they decided to start importing organic products and make it available for people in Dubai. Most of their products are sourced from India but Dubai government is taking initiatives to help local farmer in going organic.

They are offering wide range of fruits, vegetables, cereals and pulses, spices, milk, chicken and eggs and byproducts and other super foods. All the products are certified by international organizations.

They’re heading towards the launch of their online store and they’ll be doing large scale home deliveries online.

Posted On : 04/6/2018