Dubai Residents to be Able to Scan their Food by next year

Residents and locals of Dubai can look forward to seeing the full nutritional value of their food items through a new smart-phone application. The application will also have another exciting feature where customers can track their items from farm to fork.

The Dubai Municipality has already launched a digital application last November called “Food Watch” to digitalize information about food safety and nutritional contents of food items in Dubai.
The new application is still in its developmental phase but officials expect it to be functional by and available to consumers in early 2019. The application will have customization features that will enable each consumer to pick restaurants based on their dietary preferences.

"The platform is a full system that will take a while to gather data for it to be inclusive. While it will be implemented in stages, we expect it to be functional by 2020 in digitally monitoring the food coming into eateries using smart technology and helping consumers make their own dietary choices," said Bobby Krishna, food safety specialist at the Dubai Municipality.

He also added that the platform will emphasize on essential foods like fruits, vegetables and fish which people consume daily.

Posted On : 01/5/2018