New App to Solve Dubai's Problem of Excess in Food Industry

A Dubai-based app developer has come up with a new app named “Keepeat” which will enable eateries in the city to give away their food products at the end of each business day at throw-away rates starting at a minimum discount of 50 percent from the mark-up prices.

Those interested in purchasing this food can do the same via an online app specifically developed for this purpose. There will however be no delivery and customers will have to manually pick up the food from the respective outlets.

 “The food outlets will be gaining additional revenue on surplus food that would have otherwise been thrown away,” Ena Basic, CEO of Keepeat, said.

“Moreover, our app will help the food outlets in attracting new customers by increasing their visibility.”

The CEO also revealed an additional feature of the app that will enable business owners to choose the time at which their daily sale will go live.

According to statistic the monetary worth of food in Dubai is Dh13 billion every year, while discarded food alone is worth approximately Sh282 million. This represents a very lucrative business opportunity for many.

The Trader’s House at the Dubai World Trade Centre has already signed up with the developers of the app as one its first partners. The app will have certain ground rules put in place to see that fresh food of a high quality is served and sold.

According to Basic, “We do not limit ourselves to fine dining establishments. Instead, we are happy to partner with any food selling outlet that wants to become an environment champion.

Posted On : 03/4/2018