World's First MasterChef Inspired Restaurant to Launch in Dubai

A new “MasterChef” themed restaurant is set to launch in Dubai later this year.  This has been touted as a “world-first” as this restaurant will be the very first of its kind. The restaurant’s look and service will be based entirely on the globally popular MasterChef TV series and the restaurant itself will be named “MasterChef the TV Experience.”

The project headed by The First Group – an international hotel and property development company. They released a statement about the upcoming restaurant – MasterChef the TV experience and have made a promise to “fully immerse guest” into the show’s experience.

They revealed that the interior design concept will be greatly influenced by the set of the Masterchef TV show and diners will have the choice to pick from a dynamic menu that will feature dishes made famous by past contestants and champions of the show.

Frances Adams, the Director of Brand Strategy for Endemol Shine Group, the company that produces and distributes MasterChef, which has been adapted for 52 different countries, spoke to the appeal she expects this idea to have. “MasterChef has a global fan base who are keen to engage with the brand in new ways and our extensive range of successful products and experiences are testament to its worldwide appeal,” she said in a statement. “MasterChef the TV Experience is an exciting opportunity for audiences in this market to enjoy a unique and immersive dining experience that will truly reflect the values, quality and integrity associated with MasterChef.”

This first MasterChef the TV Experience restaurant is slated to open with the launch of the Wyndham West Bay Dubai Marina Hotel in the second half of this year; however, The First Group says it already has plans to bring the concept to other cities around the world “in the coming years.”

Posted On : 11/2/2018